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Welcome to the IOMC Webinar Series in Support of the Beyond 2020 Process

This series of webinars is being conducted by the IOMC on key cross-sectoral issues and as a contribution to the on-going Beyond 2020 discussions. The webinars are open to all interested stakeholders participating in the SAICM/Beyond 2020 process and beyond.


The aim of the webinars is to exchange information and share examples of good practices and policy options in a multi-sectoral context. Each webinar will feature presentations from lead IOMC organizations, as well as a panel discussion and interactive dialogue with participants.


Webinar Series Topics

2023 IOMC Webinar Flyers.png


 Existing Indicators on chemicals and waste management

16 February 2023



Chemical accident prevention, preparedness and response

28 April 2021



Evaluating Health Impacts from Land-based Pollution: Data Gaps & Proposed Framework and Economic Considerations

18 November 2021

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Leveraging Green and Sustainable Chemistry for Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste beyond 2020

14 April 2021

Flyer Photo 3.jpg


Financial Considerations for Chemicals and Waste Management

29 April 2021

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Addressing Illegal trade and traffic of Industrial Chemicals, Pesticides and Waste for Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste Beyond 2020

29 March 2021

IOMC gratefully acknowledges the support provided by key partners, like the Federal Mnistry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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